Today's episode of Big Ideas in Eating Disorders is part of a special series delving into the proposed diagnosis of "Terminal Anorexia Nervosa." I am honored to have Dr. Eric van Furth, a clinical psychologist and Professor of Eating Disorders in the Department of Psychiatry at Leiden University Medical Center, as our guest. With decades of experience in the eating disorder field, Dr. van Furth has received numerous awards and accolades, including a Leadership Award from the Academy for Eating Disorders and the Project HEAL Clinician of the Year Award.


Dr. Van Furth’s research has contributed extensively to increasing our understanding of effective treatments and improving treatment outcomes for people with anorexia nervosa. Hailing from the Netherlands, a country with universal healthcare and where Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) is available for individuals with psychiatric disorders, his unique perspective enriches our ongoing dialogue about anorexia nervosa, its terminology, and the current discussions surrounding the proposed diagnosis of “Terminal Anorexia Nervosa.”