This marks the beginning of a six-part series centered around the proposed diagnosis of "Terminal Anorexia Nervosa." In this inaugural episode, I talk with Dr. Joel Yager, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Yager, alongside co-authors Dr. Jennifer Guadiani and Alyssa Bogetz, an individual with Anorexia Nervosa who passed away before the article's publication, proposed the criteria for “Terminal Anorexia Nervosa” in the paper linked below.

With decades of experience in the eating disorder field, Dr. Yager served as the Director of the Eating Disorders Clinic at UCLA from 1981 to 1988. His contributions have earned him numerous awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Eating Disorders Association, the Special Presidential Commendation, and the Distinguished Service Award from the American Psychiatric Association, along with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Psychiatric Society.

Drawing from his extensive expertise, Dr. Yager articulates why he believes it is crucial for the field to grapple with and refine the proposed diagnosis of "Terminal Anorexia Nervosa." This proposal has ignited a robust conversation and debate among a diverse range of stakeholders. In the upcoming episodes, we will hear perspectives from American and European colleagues, a biomedical ethicist, and individuals with lived experiences -  all sharing their varied views on this highly controversial topic.

Gaudiani, J.L., Bogetz, A. & Yager, J. Terminal anorexia nervosa: three cases and proposed clinical characteristics. J Eat Disord 10, 23 (2022).

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